Restoration process


Overview period - week 50, 2018.

1. Progress of the project.

We attached to the restored floor panels sound deadening mats.

We painted visible part of the dash panel according to desired colour scheme.

We disassembled instrument panels of the dash to restore paintwork.

Wiring in the luggage compartment was chaotic and we reworked it.

We arranged wires in the luggage compartment.

We tested work of the electrical components located at the rear end of the body.

We bought missing side windows.

We replaced broken rollers and installed side windows.

We installed restored front wings and continued works in the engine compartment.

Overhauled carburettor returned onto the “podium”.

New braking booster installed in place.

Correct balancer and new setup pf pulleys to drive the power-steering pump.

New heater unit installed in place.

New trimming of the dashboard installed in place.

We preassembled radio unit.

We bought new dial with km/h reading.

We preassembled instrument panel and gauges.

We installed new door trimming panels.

We installed restored steering wheel.

We bought and installed missing control mechanism for the heating and ventilation unit.

Period correct washer liquid bottle, like all other previously missing components of the windscreen washer system, again in place.

We acquired and installed desired radiator grille.

We finished installation of the decoration elements at the front end.

We installed rear seat and trimming panels.

We installed new windscreen.

Windscreen decorations and wipers of the classic style returned in place.

We prepared missing spare wheel of the original style and fixed it into the luggage compartment.

We continued works on restoration of the damaged components and assembling of the car.

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