Restoration process


Overview period - week 12, 2019.

1. Progress of the project.

 We partially disassembled transmission to take care about rear-end problems.

We replaced bushing and seal of transmission outlet.

We installed transmission using new support.

We discovered problems of the main cables.

We replaced worn out clamps on the battery as well.

Tests of the electrical system revealed problems with alternator.

Several wires and connectors suffered from severe corrosion and we replaced these elements.

We acquired white faceplates of the gauges.

We removed dash panel and disassembled gauges to replace faceplates.

We installed updated cluster.

We replaced steering wheel.

We installed new scripts at the rear.

Scripts installed onto the rear wings.

We made necessary adjustments of the engine systems to start test drives.

We finished preparation works and started test drive session.

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