Restoration process


Overview period - week 05, 2019.

1. Progress of the project.

We installed new air filter housing incorporating filter element of appropriate capacity.

We finished installation of the renovated interior.

Preparing car for the test drive we discovered rust in the braking cylinders.

We completely disassembled all wheel cylinders for defects detection and cleaning.

We prepared wheel cylinders for assembling.

We cleaned pistons and installed new seals.

After our test drive session, we delivered vehicle to the owner for the summer touring.

After festive summer season car arrived to the workshop again for planned further improvements – installation of more powerful engine, for further elaboration of the interior and exterior.

We preassembled new motor - Ford 302 V8 Performance, balanced 28oz., build with Keith Black pistons and moly rings, true roller timing, hydraulic rollercam with lifters, roller rockers, ARP-rod bolts, Edelbrock 2091 top end kit with aluminium heads and intake and a Herbert Racing roller camshaft.

We ordered new carburettor suitable for the chosen motor.

During season, there were noticed difficulties to engage the starter because of worn out teeth of the flexplate ring.

We ordered new flexplate to fix the problem with engagement of the starter.

We installed new carburettor.

We prepared new powerplant for installation.

Radiator core had numerous leakage spots.

We ordered new radiator to eliminate coolant leakage and cooling problems.

We installed new engine and connected it to the other systems of the car.

After successful summer season, we continued work on planned further improvements.

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