Restoration process


Overview period - week 44, 2017.

1. Progress of the project.

Car arrived to the workshop just after recent restoration in Sweden.

Owner was sure that freshly painted body is duly restored, just some adjustments on door and hood gaps needed for better fit.

Initial work task mainly included refreshing of the interior trim.

Initially no works on engine were planned since it was counted as almost perfect.

Upon arrival to the workshop we brought Mustang for closer inspection.

No glass seals were installed on doors.

Door weather-stripping was freely hanging in the air.

Engine hood moulding and hood itself were mechanically damaged.

Broken tinted side glass was replaced by transparent plastic plate.

Missing quarter window tinted glass was replaced by transparent plastic plate.

Quarter window locking handle was missing.

Windscreen wipers were without rubber blades.

Windscreen washing system was completely missing.

Previous body colour protruding trough fresh paint.

Inserts of front marker lights painted in red for some reason.

Ventilation system handles removed and hole in the dash closed by modified cover from right hand side.

Ventilation system removed completely and air inlet plugged by sheet of metal.

Holes in the firewall for heating system piping were not closed, so fumes from engine compartment penetrated into passenger compartment.

Heating and ventilation piping under the dash was completely removed, alike radio and speakers.

The only ventilation component  left on the car – left side outlet under the dash.

Needle did not close the flow of the fuel and through stone-hard old gaskets it was flooding over the engine.

Some broken bolts of the engine oil pan were left without attention.

Most of rubber components of the suspension had cracks.

Front bracing brackets were damaged in some accident.

Holes in the floor panels were closed by some tar or similar substance from underneath.

”Glued” floor pan holes were hidden under overspray.

In some areas such repairs was not even hidden by owerspray.

Cracks and even broken places were not repaired.

Some structural components had serious mechanical damages.

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