Restoration process


Overview period - week 48, 2017.

1. Progress of the project.

We started works in the engine compartment to find out the reasons for unstable function of the motor.

Battery bracket damaged by corrosion.

Corroded holes of the battery tray and front wing.

We dismantled water pump to find reason of the leakage and check technical condition of the unit.

This gasket had been installed several times.

Air filter element was mechanically damaged.

We dismantled and disassembled carburettor to find out reason of overflow.

Gaskets and membranes of the carburettor were damaged.

We used parts from carburettor repair kit to overhaul our carburettor.

To eliminate oil leakage through deformed flange and extract remnants of the broken bolts we removed oil pan of the motor.

Removed oil pan of the gearbox we discovered complete absence of the oil filter and related components.

Using bad gasket and overtighten bolts it was deformed flange of the sump, so we ordered new sump to avoid further oil leakage.

We dismantled damaged rubber components of the suspension.

We dismantled damaged body embellishers at the front.

Paintwork of the engine hood also was damaged and required repair.

Headlamp glasses were damaged.

For unknown reason internal surfaces of the front lamps were painted red.

Glasses of the front lamps were cracked.

There were missing several splashguards in the front wings.

Attachment eyelets of the front wings were destroyed so it was not possible to fix in place bottom edge of the front wings.

We tailored necessary elements and carefully welded in place.

We reconstructed eyelets of the front wings ensuring paintwork of the wings is not damaged.

Number plate illumination lamp was not functional.

 We disassembled lamp unit and reconstructed original structure.

We prepared reconditioned lamp for installation.

We dismantled rear lamp units to arrange in proper order chaotic wiring in the luggage compartment.

We removed interior trimming from passenger compartment preparing body for restoration.

We removed also all rusty trimming elements for surface treatment.

Ventilation and heating system was removed totally, so we had to disassemble dash completely to return this vital system in place.

We removed windscreen decorations to find out reason for water leakage through seal and poor fit of windscreen decorations.

Improperly installing, windscreen mouldings were damaged against the clips.

We removed side window – window frame was broken.

Rollers of the window lifters were damaged.      

We removed piece of the plastic replacing quarter window glass.

As ordered parts arrived, we started reassembling of the components.

We ordered complete heating and ventilation unit. We sourced as new almost all parts, tough dash controls were not available anymore. This element we ordered as used for following reconditioning.

We bought missing front wing splashguards and installed new rubber seals.

We collected for cleaning and treatment all specific original hardware.

We prepared for installation reconditioned hardware.

We cleaned from rust and repaired all dismantled body components.

We painted reconditioned parts prepared for further use.

We cleaned damaged lamp housings.

We applied varnish on aluminium housings.

New gaskets prepared for installation.

Reconditioned lamps were prepared for installation.

We assembled front lamps using new glasses.

We removed sheet of metal glued over the air intake of the ventilation unit.

Front panel had several corroded penetrating holes causing free water flow into passenger compartment.

We had to remove this tar-like substance to explore real condition of the floor panels. 

These are not city lights in the dark – floor panels and firewall up to 1/3 of height were like a riddles, so we had to plan complete replacing of these areas.

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