Engine and engine auxiliaries repair

Preparing body for the painting of the exterior, we continued restoration and repair of the removed components.

Since owner was satisfied with condition of the motor, we removed ancillaries just for cleaning and renovation.

We restored zinc coating of the removed components and general hardware.

We used method of galvanizing depending on original technology chosen by manufacturer of the car.

We tested and repainted radiator.

We checked carburettor before installation.

We completely disassembled carburettor for detailed defect detection.

All inner cavities suffered from thick layer of sediment.

After ultrasonic cleaning we ordered carburettor repair kit for assembling.            

We installed overhauled carburettor after maintenance onto the intake manifold.

We used new hoses assembling cooling system.

We restored housing of the air filter.

We used new elastic supports and fresh insert assembling air filter.

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