Disassembly, defects detection and compiling parts list

Vehicle was not in driving condition though rolling on own wheels.

First, we washed the car in and out to get rid of debris accumulated during storage and transportation.

Countless cracks and corrosion bubbles under the paint signalled about serious need for the bodyworks.

Front panel in addition was damaged in some accident.

Even hood and roof had signs of corrosion.

Closer inspection shows condition of the front wings.

Corrosion separated front wings from the doorposts.

Wheel arches required fresh patches to recover.

Spare wheel recess required new floor panel.

Oil leakage was detected from all possible seals and gaskets.

We discovered serious penetrating corrosion on structural components.

Proposed works on body restoration were accepted and we started disassembling of the vehicle.

Right side wing was beyond repair so we removed and scrapped it.

We removed interior preparing body shell for welding.

We stored interior elements and all other removed components until further detailing works.

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