Assembling and final tests

All preassembled and partly assembled components were shelved until arrival of necessary for further assembling new parts.

We received parts for assembling from well-known supplier.

We attached rear axle to the body.

We assembled front suspension and installed reconditioned braking callipers.

We restored and returned onto the body all running gear components before last stage of body restoration – final painting of the exterior.

We installed renovated motor into engine compartment.

We fixed recreated harness in the engine compartment.

We attached tested consumers to the wiring harness in the engine compartment.

We assembled ignition system.

We connected dashboard elements to the wiring loom to test renovated electrical system.

Prepared body went to the last step of the body works – painting of the exterior.

While we were working on restoration of the components, body arrived for final assembling from the paintshop.

We continued assembling of the car arrived from the paintshop and repairing of the components for installation.

As roof lining was in place, we installed rear screen using new seal.

Beltline decorations were seriously damaged, so we ordered completely new kit of aluminium mouldings.

Salvaged air ducts connected to the heater unit.

We installed prepared components of the dashboard and connected concerned devices to the electrical system.

We continued works in the engine compartment installing and connecting to the electrical system renovated engine ancillaries.

We installed renovated control system of the engine and transmission.

We installed preassembled door windows.

We installed renovated door mechanisms.

We used new weather-strip installing windshield.

Using new rubber seals, we installed movable side windows.

We installed prepared rear lamps and scripts.

We installed prepared lighting devices at the front-end.

Salvaged antenna installed in place.

Restored horns installed in place and connected to the electrical system.

We installed renovated grille and “kidneys”.

Renovated decorations of the rear end installed in place.

To improve field of vision of the tiny rear view mirror we tailored and installed convex glass.

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