Restoration process


Overview period - week 06, 2019.

1. Progress of the project.

We brought up seats for repair and maintenance.

We completely disassembled seats to take care about mechanisms, which were serving through the years with no any maintenance.

After reconditioning, we prepared seats for installation.

It was necessary to replace all rubber parts of the window structures, but metal parts also needed attention.

We disassembled window mechanisms to remove rust layer from the components and applied fresh surface treatment.

We used all new rubber seals during preassembling of the window components.

We brought up bumpers for repair and polishing. Owner would like to retain patina on some extent.

All rubber components related to the bumpers were beyond further use.

We acquired new rubber parts to replace damaged items.

We blasted and painted bumper brackets.

Number plate illumination lamps suffered from severe corrosion and damaged glasses.

The only reasonable solution – new replacement lamps.

Steering wheel stalk was damaged – housing, handle and even contact plate were broken. Since broken parts were missing, repair was impossible.

We bought new steering wheel stalk.

We brought up instrument cluster for test, repair and replacing of the wrong tachometer glass.

After reconditioning, we assembled instrument panel and installed authentic glass for the tachometer.

While we were working on restoration of the components, body arrived for final assembling from the paintshop.

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