Restoration process


Overview period - week 51, 2018.

1. Progress of the project.

We finished entrusted to us restoration works and prepared vehicle for delivery to the owner.

Works on components in the engine compartment finished.

Electrical distribution centre.

Hot side of the motor.

Cold side of the motor.

AC unit as installed by US dealer.

We restored original tools delivered to us together with the car as well.

Restored radiator mask with all regalia.

Restored front light signalling devices.

Restored light signalling devices at the rear.

Badge with restored enamel coating on the rear bumper.

Not much one can see in original external rear view mirror even with spherical glass.

Restored dash panel with rear view mirror.

Original radio unit again in service.

We returned interior to the original colour scheme.

Comfortable and snug passenger compartment.

Even more comfort with restored tables in the backrests.

Our current patient loaded for delivery to the home garage.

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