Restoration process


Overview period - week 44, 2018.

1. Progress of the project.

We finished assembling of the rear doors.

We preassembled restored dash bow.

We installed all dashboard instruments and connected all appliances to the electrical wiring.

We laid down new carpets.

We installed restored central dash plate, as well as restored radio unit and under-dash tray.

We installed new wooden radio faceplate.

We fixed in place all controls, which were located under the dash panel.

We completed air conditioning system unit located in the luggage compartment.

We arranged air conditioning system inlet and outlet channels as well as renovated control module on the parcel shelf.

We finished recreation of the passenger compartment trimming.

We installed rear seat and tested function of armrest.

We installed restored front row seats.

We started our test drive program.

We took care of imperfections discovered during test drive.

We removed radiator for pressure test looking for the source of leakage.

Most serious leakage was found through drain tap.

We disassembled unit for necessary additional treatment of the sealing surface.

We tried to follow request from owner to keep as much original parts as possible, though attempt to restore function of main braking cylinder using parts from repair kit was unsuccessful.

Still main cylinder was leaking.

Surface of the cylinder was too much damaged by corrosion to withstand leakage of braking liquid. It was necessary to replace this unit.

During the test-drive wipers suddenly stopped working.

We disassembled drive mechanism replaced damaged part.

We polished hubcaps made of stainless steel and installed re-painted decoration rings.

We installed renovated hubcaps onto the wheels.

We completed installation of the external decoration elements.

We finished restoration works and installation of the engine components.

We finished assembling works on components in the engine compartment.

We prepared vehicle for handover procedure.

We finished assembling and completed initial test drive.

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