Restoration process


Overview period - week 27, 2017.

1. Progress of the project.

As painted body arrived from the paintshop we continued assembling of the vehicle.

We attached to the body all removed components and made necessary adjustments.

We applied protective wax over all hidden cavities of the bodywork.

We connected to the new wiring all dashboard appliances.

We glued sound and heat insulation over air intake ducts.

We reconstructed air ducting under the body.

We assembled rear lamps using reconditioned components.

We installed and connected to the wiring rear end lighting devices.

Using restored components, we assembled door windows.

We installed re-plated decorations onto the doors.

Starting interior restoration, we completely disassembled all seats and trimming panels.

We bought and reconditioned period correct radio for the vehicle.       

We continued installation of the restored components of the chassis, body and motor, as well as restoration of the interior and trimming.

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