Restoration process


Overview period - week 39, 2017.

1. Progress of the project.

We installed new windscreen.

We received current batch of ordered parts for assembling.

We replaced broken glasses of the front lamps.

We installed new lenses of the rear lamps replacing all broken items.

We assembled door windows using restored galvanized brackets.

We assembled door locking and window winding mechanisms.

We installed complete new weather-stripping package.

We carried out necessary adjustments of the door mechanisms towards windscreen posts.

We finished restoration of the seats.

New trim panels were produced and installed around the cockpit.

We affixed new carpets in the passenger compartment.

We manufactured and installed new cover for folding top.

We produced and affixed in place new insulation mat under the bonnet.

We prepared frame of the folding top for installation.

We attached new hooding to the restored frame.

We checked functionality of the restored top.

We affixed in place all ancillaries of the folding top.

We returned in place restored heater unit.

We attached new carpets and other comfort items residing on the tunnel.

Resorted seats returned into working position.

We installed all elements of the external decoration.

We started or test riving program.

It was discovered during test-driving that gearbox generates too much noise. We removed and disassembled it to find reason of such behaviour.

We replaced all specific bearings to eliminate excessive noise.

We checked function of all other components as well. Necessary adjustments were carried out.

We prepared finished car to the hand-over event.

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