Restoration process


Overview period - week 29, 2017.

1. Progress of the project.

We filled –up our fuel tank with flushing agent and switched on for a couple of days our rig for flushing of fuel tanks.

We saved fuel system and reconditioned engine from this ancient debris.

We prepared our fuel tank for installation.

We finished installation of the front-end brightwork.

Reconditioned gauges are again on the dash.

We connected all appliances to the new wiring.

UWe installed all prepared decorations onto the dashboard.

We finished installation of the appliances belonging to the engine compartment.

We finished installation and adjustments of the front axle components.

We adjusted controls of the transmission and filled up oil.

We finished installation of the exhaust system.

We installed new battery and checked function of the components.

We received new front screen.

As necessary adjustments on running gear were completed, we went for our first test drive. 

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