Our workshop specializes in bodywork for classic cars. The workshop provides transportation of the renewable vehicle to the workshop and delivery to the owner after repair. The workshop specialists represent the owners in all the necessary customs formalities.
Car body restoration is the most basic and most important part of a comprehensive car restoration. The most difficult thing is to predict the costs if the restoration of the car has already started elsewhere, and the car arrives in our workshop in an already disassembled state. Very often we are faced with poor-quality or careless car body repair. As a result of these works, the original structures of the car were irretrievably damaged, and the restoration of the body took much longer than one might have expected at first. Car owners themselves are rarely car repair specialists and, seeing several corrosive damages in the car body, mistakenly think that only minor damages need to be repaired during the body repair process. In general, all vehicles to be refurbished are over 40 years old and have various types of damage masked by paint or other parts. Only after conducting a detailed study of the car's structure and even partially disassembling the car, it is possible to determine the real size of the damage and the time required to repair it.
At the request of the owners, the car body restoration workshop offers different levels of restoration. The "Base" level is intended to prevent corrosion damage to the vehicle body structure. Body restoration at the "Base" level usually takes two months. The "Base" level is usually used by car owners, for whom the budget for car restoration is very limited, and the main task is to keep the car as it is.
The level of restoration of the car body "Standard", in addition to the "Base" one, also includes the processing of welded seams, tinning of corners and edges, as well as the alignment of the outer parts of the car body - wings, covers and doors. Rebuilding a "Standard" bodywork usually takes three to five months. The "Standard" level is usually used by the car owner for daily commuting in a repaired car and for participating in various classic car rallies.
The restoration of the car body of the "Premium" level (Class 1) provides, in addition to the "Standard" level, the processing of the external surfaces of the car body by smoothing roughness to the mirror. As a result of the restoration of the "Premium" level, the thickness of the body paintwork will not exceed 1 mm anywhere. The "Premium" tier is used by car owners who want the refurbished car to be as good as new from the factory or even better. Cars of this level are exhibited in museums or in classic car beauty contests.
Upon completion of the retoration work, the workshop provides a guarantee in accordance with the level of the restoration performed. All the work done is systematically photographed to show the quality and volume of the hidden work.

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