Interior restoration


Our love for cars is all about the sensational experiences they give us, which is why we never overlook the area of a car we most often come in contact with.

From posh luxury, or humble minimalism, to a complete factory restoration. We truly value the importance of a masterfully crafted interior.

We disassemble the car to its last bolt or nut, including radio, switches and relays etc. All removed parts and equipment are fully repaired to original specifications. This applies to both interior and exterior.

We reconstruct seats replacing the padding, whether it is foam, rubber, horsehair, wool, or any other kind of material.

Highest quality, hand-picked material made of fabric, leather and carpet is processed with great attention to detail and perfection right down to the last corner. 

This helps our classic car restorations retain as much of its history as possible.

We perform all wood restorations in order to provide high quality restoration. We utilise the best veneers, vacuum press and products to produce a factory-like finish. It is a process that requires patience and attention to details, in order to bring back wood that had been damaged by moisture and the effects of 50+ years to bring a new condition.

We are located in Riga, Latvia. If you decide to go ahead with restoring your car with Riga Master Workshop, we make sure to help out and assist you in every step of getting the car delivered to us and after finishing all the work - getting it back to you.

We’ve had numerous clients from all over the world, therefore, we have experience and know how to manage and get the car transported with ocean transit & on the land.

As a restoration workshop, we pay great attention to the renovation of the vehicle interior. We can say that the source of all the pleasant sensations when getting into the car is the smell of leather, texture and fine details. If you need a budget class salon, then it is more profitable for you to buy it ready-made from our partners. Sewing the interior of a car is like making a suit from a good tailor. We cannot sew an interior with high quality without trying it on a car.

Restoration costs may vary depending on your needs, the car’s interior condition, and other small modifications.

For more detailed information, feel free to get in touch and we will personally assist you to find out the exact costs for restoration and other details.

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