Engine and transmission

Our workshop offers overhaul of engines and transmissions of classic cars. The service is possible both separately and as part of the general vehicle restoration process. We regularly receive various brands of classic car engines and transmissions from all over the world for repair and restoration. Our experts will help organize transport and represent the client when going through customs formalities.

Many years of experience, a large base of technical documentation and highly qualified personnel allow us to perform high-quality engine and transmission repairs. We provide a guarantee for the work performed. In cooperation with partners we perform which have unique technologies and professional equipment, which has no analogues in the territory of Latvia, we offer all types of work on the restoration of engines and transmissions.
Classic cars often show serious signs of engine wear, like:
Blue smoke appears from the muffler.
Engine operation is uneven or the engine makes unnatural noise throughout the range of operation.
The engine loses it’spower and the car is no longer able to provide sufficient acceleration.
All of these signs indicate a potential problem. In this case, an assessment of the mechanical condition of the engine must be made and restoration of the engine unit may be required.
Before starting work, the workshop specialists agree with the customer on the planned scope of work and the estimated cost.

At the request of the owners, the workshop offers different levels of restoration:

A “Base” level is the prevention or repair of a customer-specified engine and transmission problem. The cost and duration of the work depends on the nature of the damage and the availability of spare parts.

The level of restoration of the car engine and transmission "Standard", the workshop offers general diagnostics, disassembly, overhaul of all units and replacement of only non-working parts (complete repair with partial replacement of units). At the "Standard" level, the appearance of the engine and gearbox is not restored. The "Standard" level is usually used by the car owner for daily commuting in a repaired car and for participating in various classic car rallies. 

The restoration of the car engine of the "Premium" level (Class 1) provides, complete dismantling (down to the last the bolt and full defect detection, all components are completely stripped down) and complete overhaul of all units, and exchange all worn parts. The "Premium" tier is used by car owners who want the refurbished engine to be as good as new from the factory or even better. Cars of this level are exhibited in museums or in classic car beauty contests.

After the overhaul of the car engine, the repaired engine is tested at the stand. The engine is brought to factory settings and all necessary measurements are taken.

Upon completion of the retoration work, the workshop provides a guarantee in accordance with the level of the restoration performed. All the work done is systematically photographed to show the quality and volume of the hidden work.  

We have left over many engine parts from previous restorations. Take a look at our store and you may find something useful for you: https://www.rmw.lv/page/en/cars-for-sale/


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