Mercedes Benz engine M130, M127, M129 parts

After the restoration of each car, there are spare parts that are in good technical condition and can still be used, but which the owner wanted to replace with new ones. Owners of these parts should collect them with their car after restoration. Owners often turn to us for help in selling these parts, and we are happy to help. You can also see them here. To find out the shipping cost, please fill out this form and we will send you an offer.

Crankshaft Ready for installation, ground for 2. repair size - founders 59.5, connecting rod necks 47.5 for Mercedes W108, W109, W111, W113 engines M130  

Condition used

Part Nr. A11403100001

Price 320 eur.


Intermediate shaft with gears included for Mercedes engine M130, M127, M129

The main components of the set:

Intermediate wheel shaft with helical wheel no.A1300500306 (A1300500406)

Drive sleeve for ignition distributor A1261580207

Idle gear A1270520302

Helical gear f. Ignition distributor drive A1271580112

Condition used, good state

Set price 320 eur


Ignition distributor bearing body for Mercedes w111 W113 engine M127, M130, M129

Condition used, good state

Part Nr. A1301580315

Price 70 EUR

Rear right axle housing (Support tube)

Condition used

Part Nr. A1103501319 ( A1103570017)

Price 130 eur

Rear left axle housing (Support tube) for Mercedes w111, w113 engine m127 or m129

Part Nr. A1103501219 (A1103570016)

Condition used

Price 130 eur



Gearbox with housing, ratio 1:4,08 for Mercedes w110, w113 engine m127 and m129

Used condition

Price 160 eur.


Set of camshaft bearings diam 35/48/48/49 mm. for Mercedes M127, M129 and M130 engines (not all - diameter must be measured)

Part Nr. A1305860005

individually A1800514016, A1800515110

Condition used in good state

Set price 450 eur


Engine head repaired ground shafts and sockets, head plane, new valve seals - ready for installation for Mercedes W111, W108, W113 engine M129

Part Nr. A1290160301

price 900 eur.


Oil pump Mercedes W111, W108, W113 for engine M127

Condition used, in very good state, disassembled, inspected, cleaned

Part Nr. A1081800101

Price 300 eur.

Oil filter housing for Mercedes W111, W108, W113 for engine M127

Part Nr. A0001849701

Price 100 eur


Water pump pulley with spacer for Mercedes W111, W108, W113 for engine M127 and M129

Part Nr. A1272050010 and A1272050426

Price for a set 100 eur.


Steering wheel pump bracket for Mercedes w111 engine M127, M129

Condition used

Part Nr. A1294600035

Price 50 eur.


Cylinder block diameter 80 mm (standard) for Mercedes w111 engine M127.982

Condition used

Part no. A1270110601 (A1270103908)

Price 450 eur.



Oil pan for Mercedes w111 engine M127.982

Condition used

Part no. A1800142302 (A1080100713)

Price 100 eur.


Gearbox flange for Mercedes w111 engine M127.982

Condition used

Part no. A6150110245 or R1210110445

Price 50 eur.

Engine connecting rods set for Mercedes w111 engine M127

Condition used

Part no. A1270300120

Price for a set 450 eur.

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