Restoration process

Actual report

Mercedes Benz 220S W180 Carburetors Restoration
We're delighted to share the progress of the Mercedes Benz 220S W180 classic car restoration at our workshop in Riga, Latvia. This week, our team meticulously restored the car's carburetors, showcasing our dedication to reviving every intricate detail of this automotive gem.
The carburetors, responsible for delivering the right air-fuel mixture to the engine, were carefully disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for any wear or damage. Our experienced mechanics replaced any worn-out components and reassembled the carburetors with precision, ensuring optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
Once the carburetors were restored to their former glory, our team painstakingly installed them back onto the engine, ensuring proper alignment and connections. This delicate process requires expertise and attention to detail, as even minor misalignments can affect the engine's performance.
The restored carburetors not only enhance the overall functionality of the Mercedes Benz 220S W180 but also serve as a testament to our commitment to preserving the vehicle's authenticity and historical value.

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