Restoration process


Overview period - week 16, 2012.

1. Progress of the project.

During test drive all systems behaved as required, but engine run was unstable.

Reason for problems with irregular engine running was significant soot deposits on the electrodes of some spark plugs. More detailed investigation proved that basic problem was uneven fuel supply due to worn out injectors and deteriorated mechanisms of the high pressure pump. 

High pressure pump was sent for reconditioning to dedicated BOSCH workshop in Germany, but injectors were bought brand new.

Restored injection pump and new injectors were installed onto the engine. Test drive confirmed that all engine systems are working properly now. 

We took care about some previously untouched elements. It was restored coating of the hand brake leaver. New original trimming caps for windscreen wiper axles were ordered and installed. In several areas - around the door pillars and luggage compartment lid - we improved visual appearance of the old damaged paintwork.

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