It is supposed after the restoration that any classic retro car will take part in the modern traffic or sports events, which often significantly differ from the driving conditions envisaged by the designers during manufacture. Consistent with the stringent requirements of compliance with authenticity, we install different optional equipment, ensuring safe driving in modern traffic conditions, and equip cars in accordance with safety requirements for participation in sports activities.

During different activities, oldtimersoften make runs at a relatively low speed with frequent stops and racing starts - in such cases, to prevent the engine from overheating we can additionally install an easily removable electric cooling system.
For example: electric fan for Mercedes Benz 190SL - 300 EUR, including installation.

We install different types of modern electronic audio systems. If necessary, these modern systems can be discreetly installed in the car, keeping the original appearance of the car. Range of radio frequencies in antique radio sets can be adjusted.
Installation rate - 30 EUR/hour, equipment price - depends on your wishes.

We replace components of running gear and power units. We install client-supplied parts as well as choose and supply the relevant components.
Price depends on the job assignment at a rate 30 EUR/hour.

EZ Powersteering products c.JPGExtending the range of services offered to classic cars owners RMW has become the authorized representative of the company EZ Powersteering (Netherlands) in the Baltic States and Russia. EZ offer range includes devices virtually for all classic car models, such as: Aston Martin DB, BMW 327, Chevrolet Corvette C1, Ferrari 275GTB, Jaguar E-type and XK, Mercedes 190SL, 300SL and Pagode, Mini Cooper, Porsche 356 and 911, Rolls Royce Phantom, Triumph TR, as well as the Volvo Amazon, P1800, and others. Power steering is also possible for Volga M21 produced in the USSR. The company's technical potential allows production of special devices for specific and rare classic car specimen. In production we use only modern and reliable components of Japanese companies Koyo and NSK, which are widely used in the modern car industry.

Electric power steering is a compact device, which installation requires no changes to the original design of the car, is visually hardly noticeable, and it is not necessary to modify other car systems to install it and, if necessary, the original historic design of the car can be easily restored. Power steering is released upon start of drive, but at higher speeds the power effect decreases proportionally thereby providing a stable and safe driving. Unlike hydraulic systems, this device consumes power only during operation, i.e. driving a car at a low speed.

RMW provides delivery and installation of the devices and after-sales service.



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