Techno Classica Essen 2011

As cherries are in the blossom in the German city Essen one of the greatest annual world classic motoring exhibition is announced - Die Klassik Weltmesse ''Techno classic Essen 2011''.

Already several days before exhibition city is full of exclusive ambience - classic cars on the streets, smiling people in cabriolets, unfeigned interest from passersby. It is journey through the time, each car is exclusive and unique.

Exhibition grounds of 23 ha, 20 exhibition halls, 1186 enterprises from 22 countries - restoration specialists and classic car experts, assessors and antiquities dealers - such is audience at ''Techno classic Essen 2011''. Main celebration during this exhibition is anniversary 125 years of Mercedes Benz. Under the bright flitters in the Mercedes Benz hall anyone can find company flashback - Benz Patent Motorwagen from 1886, legendary MB Special Roadster 500K (1934), sporty MB 300SL, sculpture '' Aesthetics 125'' from 2011 as well as other models which has had influenced and will influence trends in automotive industry.

Among others observable is stand of exhibitors from Latvia - here jointly are represented Riga Master Workshop and Riga Master Union. We are proud and delighted being here the only representatives from Baltics popularizing classic values and lifestyle. Wealthy number of visitors testifies interest about services we present and provide.

Most of attention is paid to services provided by Riga Master Workshop - restoration process, technical possibilities and pricing. As a quality sample RMW presented here just sand-blasted and welded MB 190SL bodywork. There was also MB280SE cabriolet after complete restoration exhibited at our stand. We presented also masterpiece to embellish any classic car collection - Alfa Romeo 2500 6c Sport (1943) Pininfarina, one out of 4 ever produced.

First exhibition day is spent getting familiar with exhibition, discussing partnership issues with prospects and signing first deals. This day Riga Master Union hold a presentation at our stand inviting around 40 classic car clubs and representatives. This evening at 18:00 at the closure of exhibition Riga Master Workshop concluded first this event contract for  sales of Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint (1965).

Every morning exhibition starts sharply. Already at 10:00 hall is full of visitors and Latvian stand is not exemption. Even our 10 people team at some moments is too short to pay attention to every visitor. 172 800 visitors from 33 countries attended exhibition in 2010. Attendance this year will be published after exhibition, but these days we particularly felt presence of visitors from Sweden, Italy and France.

RMU is aiming to establish closer relations with similar clubs and societies. Whole days are spent in meetings and presentations. RMU is presenting Rally "Dikļu pils" organized by member of RMU which is planned during July 14...16 in Latvia. Interest is substantial and already three partners interested in events in the Baltic area are found.

During exhibition thanks to affordable price and high quality standards RMW received substantial amount of inquiries for different kind of restoration works. Many of prospects have recognized RMW trade mark in the overwhelming exhibition and paid as motivated visits. Three years of our presence on international market bears interest.


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