Dikli Palace Retro Rally 2011

From 14th to 16th of July the largest car race for classic and vintage cars occurred in Latvia, which was organized by 'Riga Master Union' member - Dikļu Pils. This has been the third year in a row that this event has gathered teams from Russia, Latvia and other countries of Europe. The historic transport society 'Riga Master Union' joined race with one of their own cars, which had been given number thirty. This year we started with a 1969 Mercedes Benz 280 SE cabriolet, which had been restored just before the event by 'Riga Master Workshop' under the supervision of such professionals as Andris Krūmiņš and Sergejs Sorokins.

The race took place over the period of two days and the obstacles were the most diverse. Regularity drives that were timed through out the whole track varied in distance from 400km on day one to 200km on the second day, navigating by a legend lasted 10 track circles in Biķernieku track, which tested the pilots experience, the drivers precision, and the most hardest test on the car itself and its professionals who restored them, therefore, to be able to finish the task in time that does not exceed 3 minutes.

The most interesting and exiting part of the event were, of course, the cars themselves that could be seen by the Dikļu Pils during the race days and on the 15th of July in Riga by Melngalvju house and in Jurmala.

The most outstanding cars in this race from our opinion were the nr. 4 1956 Mercedes Benz 300c Cabriolet, which was the most valuable of the cars in the event, as well as one of the rarest of retro cars was seen the 1953 GAZ- M-20 'Pobeda' cabriolet with racing number of nr. 18. Also worthy of our attention was also the 1963 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud with the racing number of 26, which has saved its original look, and had not been restored, though is still in an amazing state till this day. The only completely restored car joining the event from our society was with the number 30 1969 Mercedes Benz 280 SE cabriolet, and our favorite was a purely beautiful car with a number 31 which was a 1954 Jaguar XK 120.

The most beautiful as always in such adventures is the opportunity to drive in such historical cars and see for you why they are seen as so luxurious. In this event we lived through everything - excitement, speed, joy, disappointment and competitive spirit, though above all were the moments before the judges presented the scores.

Participant favorite:
NR 21 (Russia)  Solovjov Stanislav, Solovjov Marina, Solovjov Alise with Lincoln Continental 1973
Star of the race:
Nr 31 (Russia) Mr Golovin, Jana Vorobjova with a Jaguar XK 120 1954
Dikļu Pils favorite:
Nr 7 (Russia) Zaklov Boris, Zaklova Oksana with Mercedes Benz 280SE

Top three overall:
1. Nr 2 (Russia) Matvejers Stass, Metvejeva Irina with Cadillac 1963
2. Nr 30 (Latvia)  Maris Bebris, Inita Pelse with Mercedes Benz 280SE
3. Nr 1 (Russia) Denisova Inna, Iljins Mihails with a Chevrolet Corvette 1970

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