Latvian car restoration workshop "Riga Master Workshop" (RMW) is admitted as a member of "Mercedes Classic" the prestigious German classic Mercedes club "Mercedes-Benz Interessengemeinschaft" (MBIG) as a restoration company.

MBIG, founded in 1979, is one of the oldest clubs in the classic Mercedes. It unites about 2200 members from Germany and abroad - in Switzerland, France, Spain and Sweden. RMW is the only member of the Club of the Central and Eastern European region.


We are pleased to announce that the Moscow Mercedes Benz Club has recognized the Riga Master Workshop (RMW) as a partner and recommends our workshop to all enthusiasts of the Mercedes Benz brand.


Latvian "Mercedes-Benz" club ( assigned one of the Baltics professional auto restoration shops "Riga Master Workshop" (RMW) prestigious partner status.

Enjoy driving your classic car, but do you (or your partner) find the steering to be too heavy?

Would you like to cure this without changing the steering characteristics of the car? We can now offer you a solution: an EZ Electric Power Steering system that is completely hidden underneath the dashboard.

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