Techno Classica Essen 2015

Annual "Techno Classica Essen 2015" Paves Latvian Car Restorers' Way to Australian Market.


This year again, the fair ground in the German city of Essen brought together classic car aficionados from all over the world. More than 1,200 companies from 22 countries participated in the fair. For years, “Mercedes” and “Brabus”, “Porsche”, “Audi” and “BMW”, and other major classic car manufacturers with their long history, acclaimed car models, and successful restoration projects, have been demonstrating unparalleled excellence and winning trust of every person who, to a greater or lesser degree, takes interest in and appreciates classic cars. The company "Riga Master Workshop" (RMW) also fared remarkably well at the vintage and classic car show in Essen.

RMW Board Member Andris Bečers shares his impressions: "We are truly pleased that the quality and professionalism of Latvian craftsmen have won the hearts of even the most demanding antique car experts and appraisers from all over the globe. We are proud to announce that DEKRA (a globally-recognised classic car appraising company) gave RMW the highest mark for the restoration of a 1967 Mercedes 250SE COUPE.

At the company's workshops in Mārupe, an average of eight antique and classic cars are restored each year. We have been successful in our business for 10 years already, building ourselves a reputation of meticulous professionals providing quality services for competitive prices. Customers from Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, even Singapore have entrusted Latvian mechanics with restoration of their cars. At the moment, customers from Australia are also waiting for their cars to be restored in Latvia.

The process of restoring a car is a calling and a challenge at the same time, a combination of finest precision and considerable patience. Customers can be very demanding today, which is why they take great care to find the best of the best restorers to be entrusted with their money and antique favourites. Experience and past projects serve to prove that we can carry out highly complex restoration projects and find common ground with competent and knowledgeable customers.

Today, Latvians' diligence and craftsmanship is finally being recognised again, just as in the old days, and the demand for restoration services now even exceeds our human resource capacity.

We are grateful to the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia that has been supporting and helping establish a good reputation for Latvian craftsmanship in the international arena, recognised as being top quality and enjoying utmost respect from classic car experts and professionals."

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