Techno Classica Essen 2009

The “Techno classica 2009” exhibition took place in Essen (Germany) from 1-5 April 2009.
This is the biggest exhibition in Europe and is organised by the classic and retro car industry. The exhibition was so big that it was hard to take in all the activities which it offered - cars, restoration, clubs, spare parts, accessories, fashion shows, auctions and competitions covering an area of 110,000 m2, 20 halls and 4 open spaces. It featured more than 2000 cars of various ages starting from 1914 through to 1970. It attracted 1000 participants from 28 countries spanning the entire globe. And it was attended by 170 000 visitors from 48 countries. Mercedes occupied a huge hall with its models and fan clubs. English car makers were also widely represented at the exhibition.
Among the participants, the only participant from the Baltic States was Riga Master Workshop.  At a specially-built stand, made in Latvia, we introduced visitors to our country and demonstrated our company’s operating strands and the quality of our finished work. This was exemplified by the two 1956 Mercedes SL 190s and one 1956 BMW 501 which we exhibited at the show.We provided robust proof of the quality of our work process by demonstrating a prepared body for which all the metal parts had been restored by the time of the exhibition and were ready to be painted. Each client could inspect the work of our specialists close up and consult our specialists at our stand where we also exhibited a restored Mercedes Benz 280 SE engine.Riga Master Workshop is a relatively new company on the international market. The biggest surprise expressed by clients was their amazement at the fact that such a service is available in the Baltic States. And further amazement that such high-class specialists are working in this region who can provide both expert opinions and solutions in classic car restoration. We received widespread recognition for our metal work, paintwork quality and interiors. Clients were pleasantly surprised that Riga Master Workshop’s services are both world-class and available right here in Europe.
The attention of clients from all over the globe was also drawn to the decoration of our stand which was formed in an ethnic atmosphere. A wooden frame was inlaid with linen creating a lightly transparent and at the same time specific home environment. This was complemented by our technical and style arrangement which was radically different to the majority of offers on show at the exhibition.
The RMW team believe that their participation at this exhibition was very successful. We acquired new business partners, signed several contracts and made new contacts. We showcased Latvia and now another section of the global population knows where to find us on the map.  Participation in the exhibition opened up many opportunities for our team and we intend to make the most of these in 2010 by once again taking part in "Techno classica 2010".


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