ALT EXPO Vilnius 2009

Litexpo Exhibition in Vilnius (Lithuania) which took place on 25 April 2009 was another of this year’s exhibitions in which the Riga Master Workshop took part.

This was a small exhibition occupying only two halls. Visitors could enjoy new cars in the first hall and admire old, restored and renovated classics in the second. Both restored museum exhibits and rebuilt modern tuning cars were represented here. The Lithuanians themselves were particularly proud of their genuinely impressive collection of antique Cadillacs. Parallel to this, a motorbike show attended by motor clubs was being held in a separate hall. The diversity of the programme and vehicles ensured a truly wide-ranging influx of fans.

 Riga Master Workshop was the sole exhibitor to provide an introduction to restoration services.  This ensured that RMW was the subject of a lot of attention and proved to be very popular with the visitors in attendance. We met collectors of classic cars who were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of our services and the news that restoration jobs of such quality can be performed in Riga. For the most part, our stand was visited by connoisseurs of beauty who appreciate the individuality of classic cars.

Riga Master Workshop participated in the exhibition with two Mercedes SL 190s, a 1975 Mercedes SL450 and a restored Mercedes Benz 280 SE engine. Visitors were also amazed by the revelation that the RMW team had made the journey from Riga to Vilnius independently in these classic cars. Since the main accent for restorers at the Litexpo exhibition was placed on antique museum exhibits, RMW’s restored cars which take part in long journeys and retro rally competitions attracted undivided attention and enormous interest. And this is another of the RMW team's goals - to restore cars with a view to participating in competitions and enjoying the thrill of dancing in them. This also brought us success in this exhibition and new contacts with our neighbours in Lithuania.


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