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Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Old    

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

Model: Silver Spirit
Сhassis type: Mark I
Production period: 1980 - 1989
Total production: 8129 units
Manufacturing year: 1985
Body Style: 4-door saloon
Colour: blue
Engine: 90º V-type  8-cylinder
Displacement: 6750 cm³
Power: sufficient
Compression: 7.3/1
Valvetrain: 2, camshaft in the engine block
Transmission: 3-spead automatic gearbox
Drive: rear wheels
Max. speed: 193  km/h
Dynamics: 0-100 km/h –   s
Average fuel consumption: appropriate
Fuel: gasoline
Weight: 2540  kg
Note: Given car has been produced for US market, imported from US.

Creation of Fritz Feller stayed in production as from 1980 until the late 1990s, achieving remarkable near-20 year production run, designed and built entirely by an independent company using Rolls Royce's own engine and chassis, the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit is generally acknowledged as one of the last real Rolls Royces.
The Silver Spirit was essentially a Silver Shadow with new bodywork, but larger more imposing car than predecessor designed to be driven rather than driven in, the Silver Spirit appealed to an audience of businessmen who preferred to take the wheel themselves. The Silver Spirit was the first Rolls-Royce to feature the retractable Spirit of Ecstasy. The spring loaded Mascot sank into the radiator shell if dislodged from its position.
Silver Spirit formed the basis for the Silver Spur (a long wheelbase version of the Silver Spirit), Flying Spur, Silver Dawn, Touring Limousine, Park Ward and the same chassis was also used for new Mulsanne /Eight series by sister company Bentley. The entire line was replaced with the BMW-powered Silver Seraph and the Bentley Arnage in 1998.
Interior trim, both - walnut panels and leather upholstery, of the given Restoration Project are still in acceptable condition, but rusted and crushed bodywork, worn out running gear and powertrain components, as well as long time ago served engine are requiring immediate attention.


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