Restoration process


Overview period - week 26, 2013.

1. Progress of the project.

As weather conditions improved we started our driving trials to resolve all possible technical problems of the restored car. Each and any assembling unit had been carefully restored and tested before installation though we should ensure whole system together is working appropriately.

During trial period condition of all components was continuously monitored also looking about any engine, gearbox or power steering oil, as well as coolant, leakage.

During test drive it was noticed that reverse light switch has internal problem which sometimes creates shortcuts burning fuse feeding all control systems. Such switch was not available new from parts so we had to make adaptor for use of available suitable switch.

Supplied new exhaust pipes was not of completely correct shape adequate to 300SE and sometimes hit the body, so we had to remove whole exhaust piping and redo it to achieve proper fit avoiding contact of pipes with body on road bumps.

Exhaust emission tests and adjustments were carried out achieving satisfactory results.

As all improvements were introduced car again hit the road to prove that it is ready for trouble free use.

During test drive one of the aged cigar lighter contacts broke and we had to replace whole cigar lighter body.

As last was completed water tightness test to check function of new rubber seals and window adjustment accuracy.

Waiting was worth it – finally arrived almost a year ago ordered new fuel tank which was installed with no delay. We replaced at the same time all fuel filters.

As tests were finished car was prepared for delivery to the owner ready for the new life.

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