Restoration process


Overview period - week 31, 2013.

1. Progress of the project.

Accessories and tools were placed on the dedicated brackets in the luggage compartment.

All light signalling devices and other components of the electrical system were checked and adjusted before test runs started.

Our most experienced classic car driver took the car for the first ride after restoration.

As test drive was completed all admonitions were put on the list and corresponding actions were planned.

Most serious was note about inefficient work of dynamo on low engine revs. Electrical tests were completed and it was confirmed that alternator do not provide enough voltage on low revs.

Measuring speed of dynamo shaft it was noticed that problem is created by dynamo drive, so device was completely removed for more detailed inspection.

Dynamo belt pulley was broken along the weld seem - both halves of pulley were separated influencing belt tension. Broken pulley was replaced to eliminate problem.

As dynamo problem was solved, test drive program was continued.

As test program successfully was completed, all necessary maintenance works were accomplished. All joints and restored components were checked preparing a car for hand-over procedure.

Restoration of XK120 was finished and car was ready for delivery to the owner.

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