Interior preparation

Renewable part restoration
Running gear set
Body painting
Engine set
Car composing
Interior (leader, carpets, wood)

The door trimming panels prepared earlier and wrapped with new leather have been installed.  The process has been complicated by the fact that for the door closing handle and window lifter axes the holes must be cut out precisely. After fitting the door trimming the chrome and polished window glass lifter handles have been installed. The exterior rear view mirrors have been attached to the doors.

We have received the ordered new passenger compartment floor mats. These are 12 separate mats of special material and different size, which must be put only in the specially provided place and fixed to the car floor with special glue. It has been successfully done and Mercedes passenger compartment is already looking like an inviting place.

­By the end of the working day we have also managed to install the car seats, their frames had earlier been treated and painted and the spring suspension repaired. We received the seats from the workshop that performed the seat wrapping with the new leather. For the front seats the adjustment to the moving slides was performed as well.

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