Trim components repair

All chromed parts were inspected to detect reparability before sending to the plating workshop. Body exterior decorations were sent for re-chroming. Window structural and decoration parts were sent to re-chroming.

Softtop decorations were prepared for further treatment and sent to re-chroming. Dashboard and door decoration items were prepared for surface restoration. Small interior decoration items were sent to re-chroming.

Arrangements of the headlamps were cleaned from glued on plastic lenses and sent for restoration and re-chroming. Wheel trim cups were sent to re-chroming.

Bumpers were too much deformed for simple re-chroming. It was needed first to reshape profiles before new plating was applied. In such case we propose as optimal solution use of replacement bumpers from exchange system.

Interior and wheel decorations were received from re-plating. All chromed decoration parts except bumpers were restored and delivered for assembly.

Wooden decorations were sent for repair (broken at arrow), veneering and varnishing. Missing wooden decoration was ordered.

Most of parts arrived from chrome plating so we started installation of decorations. First decorations were returned at the rear end of the car.

 Damaged brass doorstep mouldings were straightened and cracks were welded before new cooper layer was applied. Doorstep mouldings finally got new chromium overcoat.

Compatibility of restored woods was checked onto the dashboard before last layers of varnish were applied.

Received from German supplier rear moulding had several visible defects so we had to start unpleasant quality discussion with supplier requiring repair and re-plating of defective moulding.

Used storage tray between seats was re-veneered similar to the rest of wooden pieces and varnished before installed into the place.

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