Running gear repair

Rear axle tubes were prepared for painting and further processing. Rear suspension components underwent cleaning before powdercoating.

Still usable front axle, steering and suspension components were completely cleaned.

Front axle beam was also cleaned, repaired and sent to the paintshop.

Chassis components were cleaned and sent for painting.

All big chassis components were sent to powder coating. Air tank had a crack and it was welded before delivery to powder coating.

Steering column was disassembled for restoration. Steering column was cleaned and respective parts sent for painting and galvanizing.

Air bellows were disassembled for restoration. All rubber parts needed to be replaced.

Air distribution valve was completely disassembled for overhauling. Level valves were completely disassembled for restoration.

Rear axle housing sliding bearing surfaces were restored to suit new bearing shells. New seals and bearings were used for rear axle assembling.

New bearings were used for main gear assembling. All new bushings were installed during rear axle assembling process.

New rear axle suspension silent blocks were utilized during assembling process. Both halves of the rear axle were joint together in one unit.

Using new bearings and sealings we continued assembling of the rear axle. Bent rear axle cross brace bolt was replaced due to safety reasons, but aluminium bushing end was successfully returned to the original shape.

Stabilizer bar assembly unit was prepared for installation after detailing.

Suspension air lines and air control elements were completely disassembled for cleaning and following detailing.

Renovated air bellows were prepared for installation.

Broken air release valve of the air tank was not available from parts, so all components were cleaned and broken brass items were self fabricated to restore.

New tyres were installed onto restored rims and wheels were balanced prior to installation onto the axles.

Restored suspension control module was installed into engine compartment and connected to the air lines. Air suspension pressure tank was preassembled using restored valves and connectors.

Air dryer was completely disassembled for restoration and replacing of damaged components. Air dryer was installed into engine compartment and connected to other suspension system components.

Filter in the power steering reservoir was completely clogged and we replaced it. Power steering fluid reservoir was assembled using new filter insert and prepared for installation.

Steering column and gear change mechanism were assembled using restored and new components. All necessary adjustments were carried out before steering column installation.

Inner structure of the air valve was restored and new filter element was soldered on.

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