Other components repair

Rusted body and doors window lifting mechanisms were disassembled as far as possible. All mechanisms were cleaned by glass beads.

Window lifting mechanism components were sent to galvanizing workshop.

There were delivered ordered authentic carpeting and hooding materials.

Received used heater unit was completely disassembled to repair each and any part of it.

Damaged from the bottom fuel tank was cleaned for test and repair. During leakage test additionally to rust through holes there were discovered also metal fatigue cracks caused by “breathing” of tank large flat surfaces during driving with filled tank. After soldering of cracks and rusted through holes, prior to painting tank was coated by protective primer. At given moment tank was fully functional, but fatigue may cause again at any moment new cracks, so we suggested replacing the tank for guaranteed result.

We completely disassembled soft top for repainting of frame and replacing of rotten wooden bar.

Restored soft top frame was received from paintshop.

 Tachometer cable is not anymore available as spare part for this model so we had to restore existing cable. We self manufactured one of missing covers in the luggage compartment which was sent to galvanizing workshop.

Restored heater unit was prepared for installation under the dashboard. Destroyed heater control unit was reconstructed and prepared for installation.

 Received battery tray frame was lacking washer fluid tank holder bracket which was fabricated and welded to the prepared frame. Washer fluid tank bracket and battery retaining frame were powder coated before installation.

We manufactured unavailable missing hand brake mechanism protection shields and retaining springs.

New battery tray base plate was manufactured and powder coated.

Door quarter window mechanisms were completely disassembled and cleaned before servicing.

All necessary components for loudspeaker installation were self manufactured.

Original jack was disassembled for repair. All jack components were cleaned in sand blast camera before painting.

Broken dashboard lower moulding was welded and sent to specialist for re-chroming.

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