Interior renovation

Seats were completely disassembled and backrest adjustment mechanisms were taken into pieces. Broken structural items were repaired and all parts were sent for re-plating.

Seat carcasses were completely disassembled for repair and rust cleaning before painting. Rear seat backrest frame was damaged and we had to straighten it before cleaning. Seat base panels were completely disassembled before cleaning and painting.

We completely disassembled soft top for repainting of frame and replacing of rotten wooden bar.

Powder coating of the seat carcasses was completed and all parts were delivered to the interior restoration shop.

Body of the heating device was damaged by corrosion. All panels of the heater unit shell were restored back to the original shape. Restored heating radiators were installed into powder coated heating unit shell.

New heater control valve was soldered into dedicated position and fan motor was serviced. Firewall and central tunnel got at new sound insulation layer. There was prepared place for heater unit installation.

Restored pedal block and kick-down switch were installed into position.

Floor pan, which is installed onto firewall on passenger side, was completely rusted, so we manufactured appropriate copy and sent to paintshop for powder coating.

Headrest guide tubes appeared self-made by some artist just hammered until certain bulge is achieved and then affixed to the backrest springs by twisted wire. Our upholsterer rejected further use of such structure so we had to search for correct original Mercedes components to install front seat headrests.

All removed trim items were sent to trimming shop for pre-production of new trim panels.

Painted by powder coat seat carcasses were delivered to the trimming shop for recreation of the seats.

Interior trim installation was started gluing new leather layer onto the softtop box walls and sound insulation onto the wheel housings.

We received all restored trimming panels and seat cushions for installation. Front row seat assembling was started by recreation of seat adjustment mechanisms from restored parts.

Seat adjustment mechanisms were assembled from re-plated parts. Both front row seats were assembled and prepared for installation.

We received partly reconditioned early W111 headrest kit for two seats. New trim encasements were manufactured from leather and put on the headrest structures.

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