Engine and engine auxiliaries repair

We continued work on the component restoration repairing discovered defects and preparing main components for further treatment - painting or galvanizing respectively. Engine manifolds were cleaned and prepared for painting with heat resistant paint.   

Crack on the exhaust manifold was successfully welded thus eliminating need for the costly new manifold.

High pressure pump was sent to Bosch specialist workshop for overhauling.

Engine had been run on un-purified tap water so whole engine block inner surface was covered by thick layer of chalk-stone preventing cylinders from appropriate cooling. Whole cooling system was contaminated with chalk-stone. Oil cooler was cleaned simply filled with chemical agent for an earth day.

Cleaning of the whole cooling system was a more complicated task - cooling contour of the engine was sealed assembling all involved components, filled with chemical agent and finally liquid was set into motion by electrically driven pump for an earth day. As chemical reaction was finished engine cooling system was flushed with clear water. After chemical cleaning engine was disassembled to continue restoration works.

Aluminium block after cleaning was varnished to ensure smooth appearance.

Radiator was cleaned from the outside and broken drain plug outlet was soldered back in place before following internal washing. Pump was connected to the radiator to set in motion chemical agent dissolving chalk-stone silts.

Compressor was completely disassembled for defect detection and restoration.

Starter motor was disassembled for overhauling. New brushes were used during starter motor repair.

Engine oil pan was restored before sending to the paintshop.

We started engine assembling using new main bearing and connecting rod bearing shells, as well as new crankshaft seals. Oil pump was checked against any damages and installed onto the engine. New sprocket for timing chain was installed to substitute worn out piece.

 Engine oil sump was installed onto the engine. Engine head was received from overhauling ready for installation.

We started compressor assembling using new seals, gaskets, and valves, as well as restored parts.

Aluminium engine casing surfaces were cleaned and treated to preserve spotless appearance. Engine assembling was continued as reconditioning of the engine head was completed. All new gaskets and seals were used during assembling.

High pressure pump was received from overhauling at specialist BOSCH workshop in Germany.

Prepared in advance engine components were attached to the engine block. Compressor, oil filter assembling unit and high pressure fuel pump were installed onto the engine.

Detailing of fuel supply system components was finished and assembling units were prepared for installation. Accelerator drive components detailing was completed preparing it for installation.

  Many parts for M189 are not anymore available from parts suppliers. Among such parts also are injection valve holders and coupled flanges. One of flanges was broken so we machined crack and filled it with appropriate binding agent to restore functionality. Using restored injection valve holders new injection valves were installed onto inlet manifold and connected to the fuel delivery lines. High pressure fuel feed pipes were connected to the high pressure pump.

High pressure pump control system was installed onto the engine. All pipes, hoses and nipples of various systems were attached to the engine prior to installation into engine compartment.       

Engine supports were restored back to original condition according to manufacturer prescriptions.

There were not available from regular suppliers cooling system piping elements, so we placed our order to copy existing rust through pipes at specialist manufacturer.

Preassembled engine was detached from the assembling rig and brought to the crane for installation procedure.

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