Electrical equipment repairs

Horns were disassembled till last bolt and rivet for restoration.

Upon request of German wire harness manufacturer we had to send over old wire harness for reference, as 300SE RHD vehicles appeared for them as real rarity. Before transportation away detailed photo documentation was completed and all still attached electrical components were removed.

There were received from supplier new main and auxiliary wire harnesses for our project. To cope with modern safety requirements warning light switch and relay were incorporated in the wiring harness.

Received used alternator was completely disassembled for overhauling.

There arrived current consignment with valuable still missing new parts. New original distributor was among long awaited received components. New appropriate to the model fuel pump was received for installation.

Re-reeled fan clutch coil was installed onto restored belt tensioning bracket.

All electrical devices and any item of electrical outfit were checked and maintained before installation.

Alternator was completely disassembled and each component received appropriate service. Overhauled and tested alternator was installed onto the engine.

Restored headlight components were brought for assembling. We tested functionality of restored headlight units before installation onto the car.

All gauges were completely disassembled for inspection and repair. Trip meter mechanism was broken and we replaced it.

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