Braking system repair

Braking system components underwent restoration process started with cleaning. Both rear braking disc protection shields were creasy and had cracks on the bodies. Shields were straightened and cracks were welded preparing shields for powdercoating.

Braking system components were sandblasted and prepared for painting.

Rear brake mechanisms were substantially worn, so those were completely disassembled.

Braking mechanisms were prepared for assembling - restored parts were received from re-plating.

Worn out brake disk working surfaces were turned and others were cleaned prior to chemical treatment.

Rear wheel braking mechanism was missing on one side specific attachment which we produced by ourselves.

New bearings, new seals and caps were used assembling front hubs. Front braking callipers were assembled using all new rubber items and wearing parts. Front axle assembling unit was completed installing braking mechanisms, suspension levelling components and shock absorbers.

Restored flimsy hand brake automatic adjustment mechanisms were pre-assembled, secured by self manufactured rubber protective casings and prepared for installation onto rear brake supports. Last missing items of hand brake actuators were protection shields, which were not available as spare parts. As car had not these items upon arrival we should design again and manufacture those parts just from photographs presented in the period workshop manuals. Restored braking mechanisms were attached to the rear axle prior to installation.

Brake booster was assembled using new and restored parts. Restored piping was connected to the master cylinder.

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