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Mercedes-Benz 280SL

Chasis type: W113
Year of manufacturing: 1969
VIN: 11304412014968

Successor of the popular in the 50-s 300SL "Gullwing" and its twin, a more compact model 190SL. Several versions of a SL series - 230 SL, 250 SL and 280 SL were manufactured on the chassis with factory code Q113. More than a half of the entire car output of SL series has been exported to the U.S. Moreover, a special four-seat cabriolet "California-Coupe" was released for the U.S. market only, which had not a folding roof but had additional seat instead of the roof storage compartment. Among collectors who like to drive cars from their collection, for some reason the most popular model is the 280SL.  Comparing to other similar cars of the time, model 280SL had a modern and powerful engine. This "Mercedes-Benz" already had progressive that time disc brakes on all wheels and high-quality comfortable interior trim. To tell the truth, as against their predecessors models 230SL and 250SL, suspension sport characteristic was sacrificed in Mercedes 280SL to improve ride comfort.

Workshop "RMW" received "Mercedes-Benz" 280SL, 2-seat coupe with removable roof, which was manufactured for the U.S. market, where it was operated for most of its life until it was imported to the European Union. When appeared in "RMW" workshop, the car was in relatively good condition - body paint restored during the previous restoration was not seriously damaged, and the car could run because all the major systems were in working condition. To obtain permission to participate in the road traffic, it was necessary only to weld substantial corrosion-damaged areas in the body floor, adjust the engine performance and repair external lighting devices.

Car delivered at the disposal of the owner in Latvia. Present owner of Mercedes-Benz 280SL is citizen of Russia and he has ordered to RMW restoration of the engine, engine compartment equipment and re-plating of all decorative elements.


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