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Mercedes-Benz 280SE

Model: Mercedes-Benz 280SE
Chassis type: W111
Production period: 1968.-1971.
Produced tot.: 1039 units
Produced: 1969.
VIN: 11102512001969
Body:  5-seater cabriolet
Colour: green
Engine: M130, R6, 12-valves, with fuel injection
Engine capacity: 2778 cm³
Power: 160 hp at 5500 rev.
Compression: 9.5/1
Valves: 2 OHC
Transmission: 4-gear automatic
Driven wheels: rear
Max. speed: 185 km/h
Dynamics: 0-100 km/h – 11,2 s
Average fuel consumption: 12,3 l/100 km
Fuel: gasoline
Dead weight: 1590 kg
Notes: Re-export from USA, during restoration course converted to the original European specification.


This is the first production model Mercedes-Benz, which body design has crumple zones to protect people in frontal collision. This a 5-seat cabriolet is produced for the U.S. market where it run until it was bought at auction in 2008 and transported to the European Union, Latvia. At the time of purchase the car was not in good technical condition, though it could start and go; many metal, wood and upholstery details were heavy damaged and worn out.

We offer an opportunity to acquire this particular restoration project, restoration of which began in 2008. The car was completely disassembled including motor and all units - bridges, aggregates (such as starter, generator, etc.), brake system and electrical system. The disassembled body has been cleaned from rust and old paint, new panels and body parts were welded in instead of the damaged ones. Welded surface and weld joints were tin-plated additionally to protect the car from further corrosion. After surface preparation, the car was fully painted and varnished. After painting, joints and bottom were covered with a flexible protective layer, and the car underwent anti-corrosion protection of hidden cavities. Engine and running gear of the car were restored completely. Fuel injection system was restored completely. All chrome parts have been restored and re-chromed. New diagonal tires "White stripe" were installed according to historical specifications. Original spare parts were used in restoration of the car. Electrical system was completely restored. All instruments and mechanisms were overhauled. New MABO leather upholstery and wool carpeting was manufactured, wood trim elements were restored. It is fabricated and installed new cabriolet roof.
Already from 2009 while being at several stages of restoration, the car participated in several international exhibitions - such as the Techno Classica Essen 2009/2010/2011, Bremen Classic Motrorshow 2010 in Germany, and ALT 2009 Vilnius in Lithuania, where experts and visitors highly appreciated excellent quality of the restoration works.
The works performed and spare parts used are listed in the Restoration Passport of the car.

Two-year warranty is provided to all works performed by RMW. It is planned to certify quality of the car restoration and compliance with requirements to the authenticity at the Technical Commission of Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens (FIVA) by acquiring historic Identity Card (IC). This certification gives to the car and its owner rights to participate in any official international event engaging classic vehicles. 

Sold in Germany.

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