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White fully restored Mercedes-Benz 190SL

Mercedes-Benz 190SL

VIN 121040-8501435
Production Year:

This two-seater coupé with a removable hardtop roof and opening cloth hood was produced for the European market.It was first registered in Switzerland where it remained in use from 14 July 1958 until 2006 when it was purchased and exported to Latvia. At the time of its purchase, the car was roadworthy, even though many of its metal and interior upholstery components had seen better days.

Restoration work began in 2006 and was carried out by RMW specialists in several stages. During the first stage in 2006, new blue leather interior upholstery and wool rugs were prepared and the car’s carburettor and engine components were restored. During the second stage of restoration  we restored body elements which had not been properly repaired by the previous owner. Both rear wings were affected by corrosion, along with the body panels in the rear axle frontal consolidation zones and the passenger side salon floor. The zones subject to restoration were cleansed from rust and old paint, while new body panels and elements were welded into the damaged places. Surface and welding seams were subjected to additional tinning to protect them from subsequent corrosion. After work had been completed on its surface, the car was repainted and varnished. After painting, the seams and body underside were covered with an elastic protective coating. New radiator and water pump are installed. The car underwent restoration using original spare parts only. Chrome components were restored and rechromed.
During the subsequent restoration phase we restored the engine and engine compartment - ground engine block head face, valve pockets and valve faces, completely disassembled and restored the engine parts and components in the engine compartment. Plating of all parts in the engine compartment as well as paint of the body panels was restored. Wheels were cleaned and painted to meet the original colour scheme.

All jobs carried out by RMW came complete with a two year warranty, one year warranty is left.

The quality of the car’s restoration and conformity to authenticity requirements have been certified by Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) experts who issued it with a Historical Technical Passport (HTP) certificate and by the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens (FIVA) Technical Commission which issued the car with a historical Identity Card (IC).These documents entitle the car and its owner to take part in any official international vintage car event.

Car delivered at the disposal of the owner in Belgium.



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