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White restored Mercedes-Benz 190SL

Mercedes-Benz 190SL

VIN 121042-6503825
Production Year: 1956

This two-seat roadster with a folding soft-top was produced for the US market where it saw service until the auction in 2006 at which it was purchased and transported to Latvia in the European Union. At the time of its purchase, none of the car’s systems were in working order. Several important components had also been removed (air inflow and outflow systems, carburettors, etc.), and numerous metal, wooden, as well as all of its interior upholstery components had been irreparably damaged or worn out.

Restoration began in 2006 and was completed by RMW specialists in September 2008. The car was completely dismantled including its engine and all components - axles, engine aggregates (such as its starting motor, generator, etc.), braking system and electrical system. The dismantled body was cleansed of rust and old paint, while new body panels and elements were welded and inserted in place of damaged parts. Surface and welding seams were subjected to additional tinning to protect them from subsequent corrosion. After work had been completed on its surface, the car was repainted and varnished. After painting, the seams and body underside were covered with an elastic protective coating. The car underwent complete restoration of its engine and rolling stock. To preserve its historic value, RMW installed restored engine with original renovated SOLEX carburettors. All chrome components were restored and rechromed and a newly restitched red leather interior with wool rugs was installed. In line with its historic specification, RMW installed new "White stripe" diagonal tires. Original spare parts were exclusively used in the car's restoration. Its electrical system was completely overhauled and all of its measuring instruments were restored.

All jobs carried out by RMW come complete with a two year warranty.

The quality of the car’s restoration and conformity to authenticity requirements have been certified by Federation Internatonale de l'Automobile (FIA) experts who issued it with a Historical Technical Passport (HTP) certificate and by the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens (FIVA) Technical Commission which issued the car with a historical Identity Card (IC). These documents entitle the car and its owner to take part in any official international vintage car event.

Last year, the car took part in several international fairs such as Techno Classica Essen 2009 in Germany. Its participation in the 2009 Prins Bertil Memorial vintage car rally in Stockholm saw it complete the journey from Riga-Tallinn-Marianhamn-Stockholm covering more than 1,000 km en route. The quality of our restoration work received high praise at every event we attended.

Car delivered at  the owner disposal to Germany.

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