Restoration pass

Renewable part restoration
Running gear set
Body painting
Engine set
Car composing
Interior (leader, carpets, wood)

Renovated black Mercedes-Benz 190SL convertibleRenovated black Mercedes-Benz 190SL convertible topBlack Mercedes-Benz 190SL left angle

Body type                 Roadster with soft top roof
Year of production    1956
VIN                          121042-6500791
Production period     1955 ... 1963
Total produced          25,881 units (coupés + roadsters)
Engine displacement 1897 см3
Capacity                    105 HP (DIN) @ 5700 min-1
Compression            8.5:1
Carburettor                 2 x SOLEX 44PHH (2 x Weber 40 DCOE)
Top speed                 172 km/hr
Dry weight                 1160 kg

The 190SL was created as a democratic version of the legendary sports 300SL Gullwing - retaining the visual similarity and running gear components, but using the same special R121 platform which was built on the base of the mass-produced W120/121, as well as a new 4-cylinder engine M121B. As an extra fitting, it was possible to order a third seat positioned sideways. Only two versions were produced - a roadster with a soft top roof (042) and a coupé with a removable hard top and soft top roof (040).
Before 1957 when FIA changed its regulations, the 190SL sports version (factory supplied competition package) competed in GT class motor races with great success.

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