Engine and engine auxiliaries repair

Alternator was completely disassembled and all components were cleaned before overhauling.

As chemical cleaning of the engine cooling channels was finished engine head was removed from the block and both counterparts were sent to grinding of the interconnected surfaces. Engine block was prepared for the painting of the external surface after grinding.

Water pump was completely disassembled for repair and replacing of the bearing.

There was received sending with parts ordered for engine repair. Also new gaskets for repair of the engine and other components arrived.

External surface of the engine block was improved by powder coat.

 Heating system valves were restored. Cooling system pump was assembled using new bearings and seals.

Distributor was assembled using restored parts.

Preassembled restored cylinder head was prepared for installation.

It was delivered for installation new improved performance starter motor.

Thermostat was disassembled for restoration. Restored thermostat parts were prepared for installation.

Radiator was full of scale and we applied chemical flushing to washout all residuals. After cleaning appeared that radiator core has uncountable number of leakages so we had to replace core of radiator.

Remaining four pistons as well as two just received were prepared for installation into the engine block.

We used new connecting rod bearing inserts for assembling. Crankshaft was installed using new main bearing inserts.

Restored oil pump and distributor drive were installed onto the engine block.

Assembling of the engine was continued by installation of all other ancillaries.

Camshaft drive was installed onto the engine.

New gaskets were used during engine assembling course.

Restored cooling pump was fit into the place.

New vibration damper was fit onto front outlet of the crankshaft.

Bottom end of the motor was completed as restored oil sump was put into place.

Cam covers and other aluminium engine components were polished. Top surface of the inlet manifold was grinded and polished.

Assembling of the engine we continued attaching preassembled engine head.

Restored exhaust manifolds were fixed into the place.

We assembled and installed restored alternator. New rubber pads and gaskets were used attaching engine auxiliaries.

New powerful starter motor was installed.

Fuel supply and cooling system elements were mounted onto the engine.

Fuel supply system was reconstructed.

Exhaust system was attached to the engine.

Engine was started and initial adjustments were carried out. Oil pressure was stable during the test run.

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