Disassembly, defects detection and compiling parts list

First engine was dismounted for detailed defects detection.

External surface of the engine block was notably corroded.

It was needed to replace valve guides and install oil splash shields. Engine transmission was in decent condition.

There were visible scratches on the pistons. There were signs of the seizing on the piston sides most probably caused by overheating. Bearing shells were won out and it was needed to replace all.

Crankshaft damper rubber insert was cracked and it was needed to replace it.

Engine block was cleaned and treated with rust protection substance.

To remove scale from the engine block we had to assemble cooling circuit and fill system with chemical agent. It was attached circulation pump and system set into motion for 24 hours.

After cleaning it was obvious that we should paint gearbox housing. It was needed to replace gearbox seals and clutch bearing.

There were signs of incorrect operation of the clutch on the flywheel. Problems with clutch were caused by use of incorrect clutch disc most probably from some BMW. There were deep furrows worn out by rivet heads also on the presser plate.

Gearbox was completely disassembled to detect technical condition of components. All seals were worn out or damaged. There was too big play in the bearings.

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