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 Fully restored JAGUAR XJS 5,3 H.E. V12 Coupe

JAGUAR XJS 5,3 H.E. V12 Coupe
Manufacturing year: 1987.
Production Time: 1981. - 1993.
Total production: 14,860 cars

Initially, JAGUAR XJS competed with such prestigious cars as Mercedes 450SLC, Maseratti Indy, Lamborghini Espada, Ferrari 365GTB and Aston Martin DB6.As alternative to coupe Jaguar XJS 5,3 V12, experts mention Mercedes SL of 1989 year issue, BMW-M635 (1976-89) and Mercedes CE (1985-96).

Racing JAGUAR XJS V12 CoupeDuring the entire 80-ies JAGUAR closely co-operated with British sport team Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) formed in 1976 by the famous Scottish racing driver Tom Walkinshaw. Objective of TWR was to make XJS the leader among racing drivers at the FIA European Touring Car championship and compete with BMW - the leader of the racing cars of that time

This JAGUAR-XJS 5,3 H.E. V12 Coupe has got at RMW partly in disassembled condition  the car had disassembled engine, instrument panel and other control equipment, seats and interior trimming elements. In the course of restoration the car was disassembled completely, front and rear axle were repaired, brake system was repaired, engine and gearbox underwent capital repair,  and the body underwent restoration, painting and anticorrosion treatment. New interior leather trim elements and seats have been made, decorative elements were replaced and audio equipment appropriate for this class of cars was installed.

During capital repair of the engine the following was done: polishing of engine block and sealing surfaces of the block heads, valves and valve seats as well as grinding of crankshaft necks, all bearing gaskets and seals of the motor. Also water pump, drive chain and its tensioner and belt and its tensioner, all filters, flexible hoses in the engine compartment, radiators of the engine cooling and oil cooling system were replaced. During repair of transmission there have been replaced clutches, brake band and seals. Brake disks, brake pads, hoses and master cylinder of the brakes in he system were replaced the. All the suspension mountings, elastic elements of stabilizer bar were replaced. The engine exhaust system was replaced. During the body repair the damaged areas were cut out and replaced with new welded metal fragments, ensuring the required surface quality by tinning. Some particularly rusted parts were replaced. After painting, hidden cavities underwent anticorrosion treatment.

After restoration the car will come to the owner's disposal from Latvia.


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