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BMW 501 V8

BMW 501 1956 original old

Body type
4 door sedan
First registration 1956
Production period
1954 ... 1958
Total produced
5,568 units with V8 engines
Engine displacement
2580 см3
100 hp (DIN) @ 4800 min-1
ZENITH 32 NDIX carburettor
Top speed
162 кm/h
Dry weight 1365 кg

The first new model produced by BMW after World War II. At the outset of production, the 501 featured a modified straight 6-cylinder 2 litre engine of pre-war design, but in 1954 for the first time in the history of post-war Germany, the gamma of engines was augmented with the addition of a mass produced V8 engine.
The 501 model continued the traditions of elegant and spacious pre-war BMW limousines - the public quickly nicknamed it as the "Barockengel".


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