Project description

BMW 501 1956 restored

BMW 501 V8

VIN 54054
Production Year: 1956

This special „Barockangel” model with a 502 series V8 engine, according to the available documents, was registered for the first time in FRG, where at that time it was carefully handled and operated. At the acquisition moment most of the systems of the 50-year-old car though in operating condition, were well-worn. In the course of time some assemblies and parts were modified by the owner in a way, not prescribed by the manufacturer.

The restoration was performed from January 2007 till July 2008. The engine compartment was cleared, the engine demounted and its aggregates: carburettor, distributor, pumps of fuel and cooling systems – renovated by replacing the worn components. The body was completely dismantled; the corroded places of the frame and dismounted components were cleaned and prepared for painting. In the course of restoration welding of the body appeared not to be necessary.   After the surface the body had been repaired, it was painted with acrylic paint and varnished. The closed cavities were covered with an anticorrosive agent. The engine unit heads and seats were grinded, the engine valve was replaced. Cuffs of the main and working cylinders of the braking and coupling control hydraulic systems were replaced.  All rubber support elements of the undercarriage – cushions and bushes – are replaced. All chromium-plated parts were rechromed, aluminium parts are polished. All window and door sealing rubbers were replaced, the windscreen is replaced. A new sandy leather salon upholstery with wool rugs was restitched. Door handles and plastic knobs of controls as well as horn button and central part of  the steering wheel were replaced.  Electrical system, plastic lenses and packing of headlamps were renovated, furnishings of all measuring instruments are replaced, and the previously missing thermometer is installed.

All RMW jobs came complete with a two year warranty, half-year warranty is left.

The quality of the car's restoration and conformity to authenticity requirements have been certified by Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens (FIVA) Technical Commission, which issued the car a historical Identity card (IC). This document entitles the owner of the car to participate in all official international vintage car events.

In 2008 the car already took part in activities held by the BMW concern in connection with the presentation of the new 7th series in the Baltic region. In 2009 it also took part in several international events, such as exhibition Techno Classica Essen 2009 in Germany and vintage car rally Prins Bertil Memorial, Stockholm 2009, covering more than 1000 km en route complete the journey Riga-Tallinn- Marianhamn-Stockholm.  Visitors of these events appreciated the quality of the restoration works.

Car delivered at the owner disposal to Ireland.

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