Mercedes Benz WK10 15/75HP Mannheim 370K Cabriolet

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Mercedes Benz


WK10 15/75HP Mannheim 370K Cabriolet





From 1930 the 370K was offered with a wheelbase shortened by 175 mm (7 inches).

Only cabriolet bodied versions of the 370K were offered. The reduced size of the car permitted a maximum speed of 105 km/h (65 mph) to be claimed.

For 1930, the K variant of the Mannheim 370 was introduced. The 370K, with the “K” for kurt, noting a short wheelbase, was 175 millimetres less than the standard 370, and it was powered by a 3,689-cubic centimetre, side-valve, six-cylinder engine that could produce 74 brake horsepower. It was coupled to a three-speed transmission. For the 370K model, only cabriolet bodies were available from Mercedes’ in-house coach builder at Sindelfingen. As always, customers could purchase the chassis by itself and have another coachbuilder fit a bespoke body. 

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