Nissan Skyline C110 2000GT-R Kenmari

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Skyline C110 2000GT-R Kenmari





The first Skyline GT-R was unleashed to the public in February 1969. Based upon a stretched front four-door sedan, the “Hakosuka,” it was powered by the race-derived S20 inline six-cylinder and featured dual overhead camshafts, a cross-flow head with four valves per cylinder, and a hemispherical combustion chamber fed by triple dual-throat Mikuni-Solex sided raft carburetors. A sportier two-door coupe would then debut the following year. Though the Hakosuka GT-R was built in limited numbers in both coupe and sedan form, it was the final iteration that would be the rarest of them all.

The redesigned Skyline Coupe (type C110) was launched in November 1972, with the high-performance 2000GT-R version released in January 1973. Like its forbearer, the new Skyline was christened with a unique nickname. The “Kenmeri” was so dubbed after Nissan’s marketing campaign that featured the loving “neo-American” couple Ken and Mary. However, the GT-R was not so cuddly and, like its indomitable predecessors, featured the same powerful S20 engine. This advanced engineering made it extremely desirable amongst enthusiasts in its homeland, the only market where it was available. However, stricter emissions regulations for 1973 quickly put an end to GT-R production; ultimately, only 197 examples were sold.

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