Cadillac Series 341B 1183 Dual Windshield Phaeton by Fisher

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Series 341B 1183 Dual Windshield Phaeton by Fisher





Mechanically, Cadillac’s sound engineering continued to lead the industry. Displacement of the robust V-8 engine increased to 341 cubic inches, and the refinements for 1928 included offset cylinder blocks, side-by-side connecting rods, a horizontally mounted starter, a single exhaust system, an oil-level indicator and an engine-mounted oil filter. In addition, the new all-synchromesh three-speed transmission provided much smoother shifting, and the new double-action Delco hydraulic shock absorbers made for a smoother ride.

Engine: New bore and stroke dimensions of 84mm x 125mm were the first change for the Cadillac V-8 since the Type 51. The transition which had started with the final version of the Series 314 engine was now complete; the 341 Cadillac engine and the 303 LaSalle engine were practically identical in configuration. The 341 now had offset blocks, side by side connecting rods, single exhaust system, horizontal starter along right side of transmission, oil filter mounted on engine, oil level indicator behind right hand block, manifold vacuum plus vacuum pump operating fuel feed system and windshield wipers. Aside from differences due to displacement and power, the only noticeable difference was the enamelled heat deflector over the Cadillac carburettor.

Chassis: Front brake drums increased from 406mm to 432mm in midyear. Rear springs under-slung. Fuel tank filler neck extended outside frame side rail. Hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear tread increased to 1473mm

Cadillac advertised “Fifty body styles and types – Five hundred colour and upholstery combinations,” while the New York Automobile Salon catalog for 1928 boasted of “Colours from Nature’s Own Studio.” The strategy of allowing customers to individualize their production cars was well received, and soon Cadillac buyers were ordering their favourite colours and fabrics from the myriad of options available, with delivery possible in just three to seven weeks for Fisher-bodied models.

Cadillac celebrated record sales in 1929, marking the GM Division’s most successful year in its history to date. The new and improved series 341-B models entered production at the Clark Avenue, Detroit plant in August 1928, and while outwardly quite similar to the 341-A of 1928, many improvements provided a quantum leap forward in ease of operation, safety and reliability.

Bodies: Side lights moved to fenders. Security-Plate safety glass used in all windows and windshields. All bright work chrome plated. Electric windshield wipers used. Fleetwood introduced the All Weather Phaeton. Fleetwood showed the sweep panel across cowl and hood on all body styles.

Chassis - Duplex-Mechanical brakes with all shoes internal used.

Drive line- Synchro-mesh transmission introduced.

Engine: Connecting rods drilled to give pressure lubrication to small ends. Metric spark plugs introduced mid-year.

The 341-B Cadillac models of 1929 were immediately recognizable by their relocated parking lamps on the front fender crowns, along with the exclusive use of chrome-plated bright work. Shatterproof safety glass and reliable electric windshield wipers were standard safety features for 1929, along with new Duplex-mechanical brakes, which utilized internal brake shoes and required less pedal pressure than before. The new full-synchromesh manual transmission provided unprecedented driving ease, while Cadillac’s V-8 engine offered heightened longevity with its improved lubrication system.

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