Lincoln Model L 1926 Phaeton by Murphy

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Model L 1926 Phaeton by Murphy





Henry Leland created the Lincoln car company after leaving Cadillac. After World War I, during which the company made aircraft engines, they came out with the L-series. It was designed by Leland's son-in-law Angus Woodbridge, who had been a ladies' milliner, and the design was thought to be old fashioned. When it finally was produced, it hit hard times from the post war recession.

In 1924, the L-series was given a newer look with such things as a nickel-plated radiator shell. 1925 is identified by the absence of cowl lights. Front and rear bumpers became standard. The smallest L-series was the 2-door, 2-passenger roadster. 1926 was basically the same except for some interior changes.

Sold for: 112000 USD
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