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Model H Touring Car





In 1907, the Locomobile product line included the 20 horsepower Model E and the 35 horsepower Model H. For those serious about auto racing, there was also the 90 Horsepower Special with which to contest the Vanderbilt Cup or races in Savannah or Briarcliff Manor. A 90 hp (67 kW), 16.2-litre (990 in3) F-head was damaged by tire trouble, driver Joe Tracy failed again in the 1906 Vanderbilt, but in 1908, George Robertson (wearing number 16) took the win in this car, ahead of fellow Locomobile pilot Joe Florida in third, becoming the first United States-built car to win in international competition.

A big 'T-head' four-cylinder engine with a bore of 4½ inches and a long 5½ inch stroke powered the Model H, rivaling the power produced by British and European automobiles like Rolls-Royce and Mercedes. The selective sliding gear transmission featured four gears forward and one in reverse and transmitted drive to the rear via a pair of chains.

The wheelbase was a lengthy 120 inches and the track 54 inches, enough room to accommodate seven people. Suspension was by controlled by leaf springs at all corners, with significant assistance from the tremendous 34-inch tires. Expanding brakes were fitted to the rear wheels and a contracting brake on the countershaft.

The 1904 internal combustion Locomobile Touring Car had a tonneau and space for five passengers, and sold for $4500, quite a change from the low-priced steam buggies. The front-mounted, vertical, water-cooled straight-four engine produced 16 hp (12 kW). A three-speed sliding transmission was used, as on the Système Panhard cars with which it competed. The angle steel-framed car weighed 2,200 lb (1,000 kg). The 1908 Locomobile 40 Runabout was a 60 hp (45 kW) two-seater and sold for $4,750 (equivalent to $136,818 in 2020). On the strength of recent competition successes, Locomobile soon became known for well-built and speedy luxury cars.

Sold for: 179200 USD
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