Packard Model G 4-Passenger Surrey

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Model G 4-Passenger Surrey





The Model G was Packard's only two-cylinder car, though it was simply two singles joining together, each had its own carburetor. The engine was basically two of the potent Packard singles in an opposed boxer configuration. The cylinders measured 6" bore by 6 ½" stroke and were fed by two independent carburetors. Ignition was modern jump spark and was regulated by a governor system a dry cell battery compartment was fitted at the front of the car. Two water tanks under the front seats each holding four gallons supplied the twenty-four tube finned radiator. Two fuel tanks one front and rear fed the thirsty engine. Packard differed from the standard American type by specifying there three speed sliding gear transmission in favor of the dominant planetary type. Large hubs extended out from the Artillery Wheels. The huge motor was then fitted into a pressed channel chassis seven inches longer than the Model F. Fenders were aluminum and the mostly wood body work featured deep tufted leather upholstery. Mounted on wheels two inches taller than its predecessor, with suitably upright coachwork and tipping the scales at 4000 pounds the new Packard was a sight to behold.

Body styles included a 8 Passenger Rear Tonneau Roadster and a 4 Passenger Surrey.

Sold for: 423500 USD
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