Ford Model F 4 seat side entry tonneau

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Model F 4 seat side entry tonneau





Although director pressure had necessitated the introduction of the four-cylinder car in the range, Ford was not done yet with the twin-cylinder engine and introduced a final derivative – the Model F – in 1905. Larger and more sturdy than its predecessors, the Model F was powered by a 16hp engine, and with it again came the need for increased cooling capacity. The water tank now joined the gasoline tank underneath the 'faux' French style bonnet/nose. All of this was fitted to a longer wheelbase, atop which could be a runabout or a side entrance tonneau similar in style to those now fitted to the Canadian Model Cs. As on the later versions of those cars, full running boards were mounted to each side of the car from 1906.

Contemporary advertising for the Model F promoted both the qualities of their product and the suggestion of buying a proper car, numerous pieces stated 'Don't experiment – Just buy a Ford' and followed this up with tag lines of 'Experience is the key to Automobile Construction and we have the key'. In Automobile Review in February 1905, they were more pronounced 'Model 'F' has behind it the prestige of "Ford Success". It is designed for Automobile users who want a practical and useful touring car at a price which makes such a vehicle a profitable investment, rather than an expensive luxury. For actual reliability, attractive style and economy of maintenance the Ford Model "F" is easily ahead of any two-cylinder car made.'

If one separates the A from the AC, the Model F was now the most numerous production Ford with 1250 units delivered in 1905 and 1906. Once again, the survival ratio is exceptionally poor, it is suggested that perhaps two score remain.

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