Crane Model 3 Four Passenger Sport Landau by Wood&Son

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Model 3 Four Passenger Sport Landau by Wood&Son





Crane and Whitman Company of Bayonne, New Jersey, formed in 1906 and evolved into the Crane Motor Car Company by 1910. In 1912, his design for the Crane Model 3 automobile was ready for production. It was a large, refined luxury car, but "production" it barely achieved, with some 37 cars built in three years. On the technical side it followed that of companies such as Locomobile and Napier, in that its huge six cylinder power unit was built with three paired cylinder blocks. The 9.2 liter engine drove through a four speed transmission with shaft drive to the rear wheels. As evidenced from this example, the cleverly designed exhaust system and its ability to rev, provided its driver with one of the highest power outputs of any car of this era.

The model was short lived most probably because its virtually prohibitive price limited sales, but ultimately it was due to local competitor Simplex buying Crane out. The new collective would succeed the Crane with a Model 5. It is important to note that the collaborated successor built by Simplex and wearing the Crane name bears little resemblance in technical terms compared to the Model 3, and virtually all survivors were built slightly later from the 1915, post Brass era class.

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